Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Write Style: On Queries

I've been shy, for the most part, about sharing the teen zombie novel that's consumed my life for the past year.

I've already begun writing a new one--leaving my very first unfinished draft in a computer file collecting dust. I thought I'd return to it-- NADA.

But the one I've written this past year (now my first love) keeps going through revision after revision as I become a better fiction writer.

I've been inspired by other writer blogs who give snippets of their writing as "teasers", never knowing if I'd ever be that brave.

And I'm still not. Not totally.

But I think I'm brave enough to share my query letter.

My query letter--the one you send to agents to hopefully hook them into asking to read your manuscript-- has been ripped to shreds and then gently taped back together, better than ever, by the Query Ninja Blog. Go check it out, if you want!



lisa and laura said...

Already saw this!! FANTASTIC! Elana knows what she's doing. The real question is whether or not you're going to make good use of this pretty little query or not? I vote for query and conquer!

for a different kind of girl said...

Wow! You put a lot of great work into getting your query letter together, and I love the title! I look forward to one day reading this book, and recommending it to others! I, too, vote for query and conquer!

Anonymous said...

The letter pulls me in :) Great job!