Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Three Reasons I Get Sucked Into Teen Shows

1. You can relive high school--a little.

I am not one who wishes I were back there, in the 80's. In fact, I abhorred high school. I was an awkward... wallflower. I wasn't picked on or any such thing. I was just... invisible.

I didn't blossom until my college years.

So I like to spy on the other side, when I watch these shows. And some are really terrible and cheesy, I know.

2. It helps my research as a YA/Teen novel writer. Good one, right?

But seriously, it helps to keep up with the lingo, and with future ideas.

The other night I was taken back there, to the 80's... I had a memory that I'd long forgotten about:

My senior year, a very popular basketball/football player asked me (the wallflower) to go steady with him. At first I thought it was a joke, but as it turned out, it wasn't. The only problem (besides the fact that I was shy and awkward) was, I wasn't even remotely attracted to him. Even a little.

So I came to a crossroads of sorts: I could either pretend to like him and have free entry into his popular clique--instant fame. OR, I could turn him down and be frowned upon by that same clique.

So, guess what I chose? Yep, to remain a wallflower...who now got stares and frowns. But I'm proud of my decision too!
I figure, that story's got to make it in some of my pages.

3. There are some good teen shows on television.

I thought I'd give 90210 and Melrose Place a chance because I watched the original ones, but BLEH. I don't like them very much.

Here's two that I do like:

GLEE! Of course, because I was in Show Choir. :) But, it's a smart and funny show.

The Vampire Diaries. Yeah, don't even say it. They do resemble Robert and Kristen. But really, that's where the Twilight references end (they even made fun of Twilight in the last episode). What can I say? I like brooding, and tortured men. Hey, the books were written in the 90's--it makes me curious about them--anyone read them?


Karen said...

Hi. Visiting from SITS. I'm new to the blog world, but you are the first blogger I've found from Ohio. I live in Sylvania, Ohio which is a suburb of Toledo. My husband was born in Cleveland.

Glee is also my guilty pleasure. Luckily I have a daughter who likes it too so I can pretend I'm just bonding with her when I watch it.

I write a blog about styling your home on a budget. Hope you'll stop by some time.

Unknown said...

I am totally addicted to Glee, also! (Former show choir girl too) lol!

Anonymous said...

As a former show choir gal, I can't BELIEVE I haven't seen "Glee" yet ... what is wrong with me?

. said...

haha, great list!! I'm sucked into Gossip Girl, and I just started watching Glee!

Amy said...

You shd have gotten instant fame for turning down jock boy!

Glee really is a good show!! I also watch 90210 and Gossip Girl, but lately I'm finding the characters more annoying than entertaining.

Fahrenheit 350° said...

Um.... I like One Tree Hill. I try and not admit it though! Ha! Glee is great!

Unknown said...

For me, Vampire diaries for fun and then Gossip Girl for the clothes.

Angela said...

i like vampire diaries. : )

Alicia said...

that's funny! i've actually never watched glee but i heard its sooooo good!

lisa and laura said...

Glee is the best. But I'll admit to also watching Gossip Girl and 90210...I just can't seem to stop! It's riveting.

Leah said...

I likie the Vampire Diaries too. I also watch teen shows just to feel young and to know how the younger set are supposed to behave nowadays.

Tracie said...

I read the Vampire Diaries in high school when they first came out. They were really good but at that time there were only 4 books. I think there are more now.

JOWY said...

whahahahah I am so feeling ya..i am too addicted to Glee, love that show!

One Love,

for a different kind of girl said...

I wanted to break up with the new 90210 around the middle of last season, but I stuck it out and decided that I'd just ignore it when it came back this year. I made that pact with myself because I just knew there was no way that it was coming back! My DVR knew otherwise, though, and dang it if I'm not watching it this season now!


It's so not good, and I could use that hour for something else, but cripes, I'm sitting there watching it, because all your justifications up there? They make absolute sense, and that's why I'm at West Beverly again this semester!