Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book Review: Wake

By Lisa McMann. I downloaded it to my Kindle for iphone and read it in three days flat.

I loved it, and here's why:

1. She writes in a similar choppy sentence style that I do (maybe we're kindred spirits). Here's an example from the book:

Her mouth is open.

She snores lightly.

The bottle tips from her hand.

I'm a fan of choppiness as long as it's done well. And it is.

2. The premise of the book is unique and intriguing. Here's the blurb from Amazon:

For seventeen-year-old Janie, getting sucked into other people's dreams is getting old.

Especially the falling dreams, the naked-but-nobody-notices dreams, and the sex-crazed dreams. Janie's seen enough fantasy booty to last her a lifetime.

She can't tell anybody about what she does -- they'd never believe her, or worse, they'd think she's a freak.

So Janie lives on the fringe, cursed with an ability she doesn't want and can't control.
Then she falls into a gruesome nightmare, one that chills her to the bone.

For the first time, Janie is more than a witness to someone else's twisted psyche. She is a participant....

3. She does suspense and romance well. I judge my love of a book by how much I think about it when I'm away from it, and how much I look forward to getting back to it. This one did both for me!

If I had to complain about one thing it would be that I wish she explored the mother-daughter relationship more. But maybe that happens in the second book.

I look forward to reading the next two in the series, FADE and GONE!


Maddy said...

Thanks for sharing your review! I'm looking for some lighter material to read during the winter break.

Ann said...

That DOES sound good!I'll look for it!

The Blonde Duck said...

I like your new name!