Monday, November 29, 2010

Five Reasons Why I Love the Holiday Season

1. (Practically) guilt-free shopping.

If you're shopping for others and are in the act of giving--and just happen to throw in a little something-something for yourself--then there's no guilt. :D

2. The lights and decorations.

Maybe it's because everything looks magical for one month of the year.

If it were year-round it would lose its effect. I love sitting in my house with all the light off, except for the tree and mantle. It's so peaceful and pretty.

3. The feelings the holiday evokes...

...leading up to the main event. Anticipation, good-will, and visions of sugar-plums dancing in our heads.

4. Creating an imaginary world for my son...

... of Santa and the North Pole, and, no matter your beliefs, a message of spirituality in there.

5. The festivities.

Parties, dinners, get-togethers. Wearing all things shiny and sparkly. :-)

Whew! What a whirl-wind start to all of the holiday madness!

Hope everyone is doing well?

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Unknown said...

Yay!!!! I loved this!! (Practically) guilt-free shopping, I'm with you there!!

Happy Monday!!! Happy Holidays!!! Oh I can smell the cinnamon and sugar cookies now!

Maddy said...

Yea... I guess I should be more in the moment when it comes to the holidays! But frankly, my shopping list is out of control. Kind of sucks of the fun out of it for me :(

Just A Normal Mom said...

Those are GREAT reasons to love the holidays! I love the lights too - turning them on at home is like laying a peaceful blanket over me. Love it!

Stina said...

Oh, I WANT that dress. :)

I also want the figure so I can wear that dress.

I did #1 this weekend. I slipped in a book (or three) when I ordered my family's Christmas presents online. Fortunately they wanted books. :D

S.A. Larsenッ said...

For me it's definitely the atmosphere. I love the street lights, music, scent of warm cider or hot chocolate....Yeah, the guilt-free thing helps, too. lol

Lourie said...

You and I have been cut from the same cloth! I LOVE leaving the normal lights off and letting the tree twinkle in the darkness. These are all the reasons I love Christmas too! And I love that dress.

PS My eldest bought with her own earned babysitting money presents for her brother and sister. Plus a little something for herself. A little Christmas tree for her room.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yes, yes, and yes! Ditto on every single one. I think you wrote this just for me!! LOL. :-)

Meream said...

I was nodding the whole time I was reading this. Haha. Well, except for the son part because I got no child. :)

Pamela Gold said...

You picked my favs. This gives me a happy place to return to in negative holiday times, like long lines while my rocky road is panicing for fear of becoming a milkshake without trying. xxoo