Monday, May 17, 2010

Writing Rituals

Another blogger inspired me on this one--so yeah, I'm totally stealing the idea. Because otherwise, today I've got...NOTHING. ;-)

There are certain things I HAVE TO have around me in order to begin any one of my "jobs"--writing my column, a chapter, a blog post, or making jewelry.

And YES, it IS a little bit OCD (Or a lot. But whatever).

Here's my list:

*Something to drink: Coffee, water, iced tea, or Zero Cherry Coke.

*My iphone right next to me. I cannot EXIST without my phone right by me.

*Listening to Pandora Radio on my iphone (see how this one goes with the one above?).

*Pen and paper to write my thoughts, tons of lists, or notes.

*Chapstick. I cannot live without it. My lips feel as dry as the Sahara Desert if I don't slather some on my lips like, every 15 minutes. SERIOUSLY!

*I also must be in close proximity to the computer (this especially goes for creating jewelry) so I can hit the REFRESH button every five minutes.

And that's about it. How crazy do you think I am now? HUH? HUH?
What is YOUR list?


Stina said...

Okay, I'm so showing my 6 yo daughter that princess picture. I love it!

I have to have Diet Coke with me when I write, though I might have to add water to that list now that the weather is getting hot. I'm thinking 5 L a day of Diet Coke probably isn't a good thing . . . though I'm sure Coca Cola would disagree with me. ;)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh our lists are almost identical! The only difference you ask?? That would be our drink choices!! I prefer lemonade, ice water or dr.pepper!

JE said...

*Sigh* Chapstick addiction. Thank goodness I'm not the only one!


AndreaLeigh said...

I second the chapstick - I am constantly reapplying throughout the day.

Angie said...

Amazingly similar lists. I've gotta have something in the way of a beverage (I'd love to tell you it's water, but it's usually coffee or diet coke). Also need to have both cell and home phones near me, because once I'm in a groove I don't want to get up. I'm always cold, so I usually write in my Snuggie. Don't laugh, it's zebra print, 'cause I'm cool like that.

And yes, I also must have my lip balm. Not chapstick, though. I'm addicted to the Bigelow cinnamon lip shine from BBW. Nothing else will do.

Oh, and no music. I'm waaaay too easily distracted. Sometimes I need earplugs to drown out my kids. :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

No you are not crazy! It works for you! Me just a drink and my computer!

Maddy said...

Not crazy at all! You need all the essential: beverages for hydration, music for inspirationa and iPhone....well, who doesn't have their phone with them 24/7??? ;o)

Unknown said...

Not crazy at all! You do what you have to do. I am the same way about chapstick... my favorite is Burt's Bees shimmer b/c it's the only thing that keeps my lips from drying out and it has some color to it. What's your favorite?

Anonymous said...

Not crazy...just method. I read somewhere that actors are the same way they have a method to their acting to get in the mood. I'll have to try the radio station.

Rachele Alpine said...

I love that Princess picture!

I have a few writing rituals:
1) I need to write everything by hand first (weird, I know!)
2) I need a drink (usually Starbucks or Diet Moutain Dew)
3) I need my ipod with The National on it
4) I need some kid of back ground noise while I'm writing

There's others. I think I use them to procrastine a bit too (shhhh!).

Hardygirl said...

Hand lotion, carmex, music. Wearing comfy clothes. Either my laptop or my phone so I can obsessively check email whenever I hear the "ding".


Sage Ravenwood said...

Lately? (Oh yeah, it tends to change up according to mood).

I need Rock Star energy drink beside me (you know, cause I'm rocking out the words).

And at least 2 binders and a highlight. Binders are things I've written down to describe mood, emotion, descriptive nuances, colors, or place. (Yeah, that might be kind of OCD.

Last but not least, my faithful Pickles - the working dog for the deaf extrodinaire, not the food variety *winks*. (Hugs)Indigo

Clara said...

LOVED IT! I also hit the refresh screen like a thousand times! lol
And I have to have water too.
But when I write a chapter I cant log in to blogger, only when Im finished for the day, otherwise...things can get ugly lol

Janet Johnson said...

Love the picture! Chapstick is a must.

But so long as I have a computer or pen and paper, I'm good.

Pamela Gold said...

I definitely need my phone because it's got an audio record feature. If my brain is in overload I just grab it and talk into it. If I don't, I forget about half of what I want to write down.

Also, chapstick, LOVE it... My fav is the natural one...

And water!

And my iTunes belting out my fav tunes!

Erica Mitchell said...

Lets see...
I need a beverage, usually tea, water or my morning juice. I seriously underestimated my addiction to cranberry in the morning. Yes, once I stood in the isle of the grocery store and chugged some cranberry juice cause I had run out. Woops tangent
My surround sound remote to listen to the track list I need for that particular chapter.
I don't need my phone but I keep it near me just incase.
My notepad, a flash drive and my voice recorder for ideas that come faster than I can write.

Lydia Kang said...

The chapstick part made me laugh because I totally need that too!

Tahereh said...

that's so awesome! i also ALWAYS need something to drink -- definitely tea or coffee..


thanks for sharing :D

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm also terribly addicted to chapstick. It's sad.

Riv Re said...

mainly music and my e-mails open. I check my em obsessively.

Little Ms J said...

Blackberry AND personal cell phone

Bottle of water

Lambie (High end version of a Snuggie. It is fake sheerling with a lamb's face. Don't judge me.)

That's about it...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love that picture of the Disney princesses, so funny! That doesn't sound crazy. I can't think of anything I do or have to do.

Lourie said...

I still have my princess picture somewhere. I love it. Drink(diet coke)check. Laptop on table next to couch when it is not on my lap in use. Check. Blistex. Check. Phones both house and cell beside me. Check. Remotes within reach to turn on TV when entertainment is needed. Check. Haha. Not OCD. Just prepared. ;)

Shannon said...

Your list looks perfectly normal. :)

As for me:

Crystal light or tea, clinque hand cream, telephone (so I can see who's calling and throw it into voicemail anyway), slippers (feet are always cold) iPhone (in it's docking station), paper, pens and pencil, and a scented candle.

All Women Stalker said...

Haha that's not so crazy. :D Pretty normal because I share most of those. Haha