Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love Letters To Literary Crushes Blog Fest

Frankie, over at Frankie Writes is holding a blogfest in honor of the ECLIPSE premiere ( I am going to see it tonight with my girlfriends, btw).

Since Edward and Jacob get so much love, she wanted to spotlight other literary crushes!

Sounded GREAT to me!

So my love letter is to Alex Fuentes from the YA book, PERFECT CHEMISTRY.


Dear Alex:

Or should I call you Alejandro?

You were a dangerous (being a gang-member) and sexy MC. I loved being in your world. I saw your tenderness, your dreams, goals and motivations.

Every time you walked into a scene with Britanny my heart went pitter patter! I wanted you to call me Mamacita and whisper spanish sweet nothings in my ear.

I rooted for you and Brittany and hoped you'd find a way to leave your dangerous lifestyle.

Oh, and that first kissing scene? *hawt flashes*

So here's to you, Alex, for making me stay up late just so I could live in your world a little while longer.

(P.S. Edward and Jacob who?)

A Review From Booklist:
Tough guy Alex is primarily known by his classmates as a dangerous member of the Latino Bloods gang. He’s not exactly thrilled when Brittany Ellis, the school’s seemingly perfect beauty queen, is assigned as his lab partner—and the feeling is more than mutual. But Alex’s bravado works against him when he impulsively accepts a bet that he can get Brittany in the sack.

The romance that follows will not surprise any reader (TRUE!), yet Elkeles gives it heart by constantly switching point of view from Alex to Brittany to provide dual running commentaries on their minute-by-minute insecurities and urges. Brittany’s controlling parents and sister with cerebral palsy are well drawn, but it is Elkeles’ rendition of Alex and his life that is particularly vivid (YES!). Sprinkling his speech with Spanish, his gruff but tender interactions with his family and friends feel completely genuine.

You got any crushes to fess up about?


Pamela Gold said...

Right now, I'm reading a book called "Love Sucks". It goes to print on August 1st so I won't say too much. But I heart Andrew. Like a lot.

BTW... My husband would totally say that the werewolf guy from Twilight (sadly I don't know who is who).... has a butt chin. Sorry. I vow to read the series this summer!

Matthew MacNish said...

Sounds like quite a character!

Maddy said...

OmG! You're riot!! Loved your letter, except for the calling me "mamacita" part. Somehow the only time I hear the word mamacita, it's from old looking constructions workers :o/

Leah (aka Mary_not_Martha) said...

Why, yes! Jamie Fraser in Outlander stole my heart years ago. I'm even more smitten now that I'm in book 3 and he's my age now!

I really enjoy your blog and I have an award for you over at mine

Have a great day! Leah

Unknown said...

Love the character you chose Christine!!! I think all of us have some crushes!!! What a great blogfest!

I look forward to hearing what you thought of Eclipse! Enjoy!

Erica Mitchell said...

*giggle fit* You are so funny, and I love this letter! It's way too cute. Have a good one and I hope he responds ;)

Creepy Query Girl said...

Great love letter! I loved Perfect Chemstry too. I secretly develop crushes on the characters I write about. Its creepy but hey, its me.

Small Burst said...

ahem...i think i need to pick up this book now. My sisters and nieces all got in line yesterday to watch the movie. I feel so left out (sniff, sniff). Go team Jacob!!

NGS said...

My best friend and I had a debate over who got to have Cabel from the Fade series as their imaginary boyfriend. But I don't know if even Cabel matches Owen from Sarah Dessen's Just Listen. I love Owen. And want him to love me, too!

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Good choice!

I also love Alex. That book was wonderful. I am excited to read anything else by Simone!

wonderful letter - this blogfest is so much fun!

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Lydia Kang said...

Sweet letter! If I wrote down letters, I'm pretty sure my hubbie would start tossing my books our the window, ha ha!

Kelly Lyman said...

Oh, now I totally have to read this! Thanks for writing up the summary about the book!

Anonymous said...

I secretly in love with Pat Conroy who wrote The Great Santini. Characters--Mr. Darcy of course. He's rich, snotty, and good looking, my kind of guy! Ha.

Together We Save said...

Sounds fun... by girls love the Twilight series!!

Annie McElfresh said...

OMG!! I heart Alex!! Us Ohioans must have similar tastes!! LOL

Little Ms J said...

I saw Eclipse. I want Jacob. I'm sorry. I can't concentrate on any other boy right now. I think that makes me a dirty old woman.

Tracie said...

Ok, I'm putting this on the TBR list.

As for literary crushes....hmm....I like most of the men in Susan Elizabeth Phillips romance books. Esp. the Chicago Stars series.

Lourie said...

Edward and Jacob who? LOL Best PS ever!