Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Dawn is Breaking

This is perhaps the first time I'm not totally over-the-moon excited about seeing a Twilight movie premiere.

 It might be because the trailer for Breaking Dawn was blown away by the trailer for Hunger Games.
 Plus, I don't understand why, by the fourth movie, no one can put the right kind of make-up on the Cullens. Besides, the acting in the television series The Vampire Diaries is way more believable.

Just keeping it real.

Despite all of that, I will always *always* love those books, want to see the movies (after all, the wolves are pretty dang cool), and deeply admire Stephanie Meyer for influencing how I write romantic tension scenes. And hey, maybe I'll feel differently about this one.

In honor of seeing Breaking Dawn tonight, I thought I'd share a hilarious twitter trend started the other night by Rachel Hawkins (of HEX HALL series fame), called:  #Things Edward Googled.

Here are my favorite #things-edward-googled:

How to get the dog smell off your true love ( by @bookgoonie)

Does headboard breaking causes pregnancy?  (by @LadyHawkins)

How long will pregnancy boobs last if immortal? ( by@MyraMcEntire)

Nickelback tickets (@Kate_Hart)

Is sparkling hereditary?  (by @LadyHawkins)

How do I know if she's faking it since I can't read her mind? (by @BookaliciousPam)

Do babbys smell like freesia? (by @LadyHawkins)

Top 10 Vampire Myths: No protection needed (by @breedespain)

If babby shows fondness for jean shirts, should I worry?  (by @LadyHawkins)

SPF 1000 (by @stephandrea_ )

Getting girl pregnant when you have no blood flow (by @LadyHawkins)

How do I get abs like Jacobs? (by @ShutUpImReading)

How to deter werewolf pedophiles (by @LadyHawkins)

Will Stephanie ever finish MIDNIGHT SUN? (by @ME)

I'll let you know how the movie was! :D



Amparo Ortiz said...

This. Was. Brilliant.

So happy you posted this here! I totally missed out on it while it happened. My day? MADE.

Hope you like the movie! I feel exactly the same as you about it. *sigh*

Laura Pauling said...

I saw some of those tweets yesterday. Funny. I want to watch the movies. I"m behind. I still need to watch Eclipse. Despite all the bashing against the books, esp. from writers, I always loved them. Wouldn't want my elementary child to read them but I enjoyed them.

Unknown said...

This was hilarious. I'm excited to see the flick and looking forward to seeing the special screening tomorrow at 8pm. Of course, you definitely beat me but I'm still hoping it's delicious.

PS - I'm a sucker for Vampire Diaries. Love really is addicting... as are vampires... and sparkles.

Christine Danek said...

I'm totally cracking up. Love it. I have this feeling too. I think the Hunger Games trailer blew me away and I so want to see that.
I do want to see Breaking Dawn, but I'm not going to the midnight showing. Maybe right after Thanksgiving. :)

Joanne said...

Enjoy the movie, I hope it surpasses its own trailer!

Gina Ciocca said...

Those tweets are hilarious. How to get a girl pregnant when you have no blood flow... that is genius.

I'm actually not excited for the movie, because this was my least favorite of the books. And nothing will compare to that moment in New Moon when Jacob took his shirt off for the first time. I turned bright red in the theater!

storyqueen said...

Hey, what IS with the poor make up choices?

They could do better in that area.

Matthew MacNish said...

I thought Midnight Sun got cancelled because it got leaked or something like that?

Christina Lee said...

Matt, it DID (and was from Edward's POV)!

Meredith said...

Ha, love that list! And I'm more excited about Hunger Games now, too...that trailer was incredible!

Liz Mays said...

Amen to tsee the Hunger Games instead. I just can't get fired up about the Twilight movies.

JEM said...

I'm going to second the awesomeness of the trailer for The Hunger Games. I'm stoked for that movie. And double second (quadruple?) your Vampire Diaries comment. I am HOOKED on that show, I would trap Ian Somerhalder in a vampire cave any day.

Liz Mays said...

Those are completely hilarious!

Kelly Polark said...

Ha! Love the tweets!
I am SO looking forward to the Hunger Games. I love the Twilight books, the movies not so much, but of course I have to see them anyway!

Sarah Tokeley said...

If you've seen all the others and this is the last, then you can't NOT see it can you?

Christina Lee said...

Exactly, Sarah! This was part one of the last book. I did go see it last night with my girlfriends (makes everything better)and I enjoyed it! Reminded em why I loved the books.

LisaDay said...

I am so behind. I have only seen the first movie. Vampire fans, pick up Tanya Huff or Nancy Baker's A Terrible Beauty.


Beth said...

So funny! "Nickelback tickets" -- how perfect!

Lourie said...

Still haven't read The Hunger Games. And yeah, the trailer for Twilight doesn't excite. But I am guessing it won't ticket sales any. I wonder how they will compare to HP. Have fun!!!

Rachele Alpine said...

Okay, those tweets had me cracking up! And YES...The Hungers Games....gah! I can't wait! I'm going to see Breaking Dawn on Wednesday...let's hope it's worth it! I anticipate a lot of sleepy students kids always go to the midnight shows!

K. M. Walton said...

Those tweets were hilarious! Hope you like the movie - I'll probably see it soon : )

Stina said...

Wow, I missed all the fun while I was on vacation. At least I got to see The Hunger Games movie trailer. :D

I'm not even sure which is my favorite. They're all so funny!

Mandy said...

That hashtag was awesome! So funny!

I can't wait for The Hunger Games to hit theaters.