Wednesday, November 29, 2017


A little holiday SURPRISE! XO

❤️❤️Blurb and Cover Reveal❤️❤️

So Felice Stevens and I did a thing—we wrote an MMM romance together and it’s been killing us to keep it secret the last few months! We were totally swept away by these men—maybe even a little obsessed with them. LOL. 😉 What else can we say? We’re thrilled we took this leap of faith with each other, we are in love with our guys, and we cannot wait to share their story with you! Many thanks to cover artist Reese Dante for bringing our vision of LAST CALL to life. ❤️

BLURB: Quinn Monahan and Grayson Page have been friends since high school. Despite their differences, they’ve been there for each other through thick and thin. Opening Last Call together, a bar tucked away in the small town of Heartsville, PA seemed a natural progression—even if it makes it harder to live with the secret longing they’ve always had for each other.

Hoping to score an easy buck and a place to sleep, unemployed circus roadie Emery Woods chooses Last Call to run a few bets and enjoy a decent beer before moving on. When he finds himself stranded, the unexpected kindness Quinn and Gray show him leads to temporary work and a couch to lay his head. Sensing unresolved history between Quinn and Gray, he squashes his immediate draw to the men, opting to avoid trouble. But as days turn into weeks, denying the attraction is easier said than done.

When the men finally give in to the simmering sexual tension, it quickly develops into more than a way to pass the lonely nights. And as they begin to lean on each other for emotional support, it becomes nearly impossible to think of one man without the other two. But while Quinn and Gray are afraid to cross the line of friendship between them, Emery fears once they do, he’ll quickly be cast aside. A real family is finally within their grasp, but unless the men can learn to trust each other, they just might miss their hearts’ last call home.

**Release date: In the next few days, so stay tuned. No preorder available.

Cover artist: Reese Dante (

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