Friday, April 22, 2011

Freeze Frame Friday: Happy Hoppy Easter!

We're coloring our eggs (not as expertly as Martha Stewart, below), and then the hunt is on.

Who needs a basket when a crinkly old grocery bag will do? :-)



Stina said...

Oh, wow. Now I remember why I don't buy Martha's magazines anymore. Too depressing. I know I would want to try making those eggs and would fail epically.

My daughter hunted for our old baskets last night. Apparently this was very important for her. She couldn't believe it when her 11-year-old brother said he didn't want one. Of course, her 11-year-old brother knows the truth (plus he was playing a computer game).

Now the Easter Bunny just has to go shopping after he goes to the gym this morning. ;)

Debbie said...

Martha always overdoes the Easter Eggs.
I love the ones the kids make the best though!

Pamela Gold said...

I LOVE coloring eggs but we don't eat 'em in my house so I resort to the boring plastic eggs. I wish I could be as creative as the eggs you posted. The lady bugs are amazing as are all the rest. Happy Easter!

Little Ms J said...

How fun! Have a wonderful Easter and a Happy Birthday too!

JE said...

Ha! My family has used those type of bags for as long as I can remember! It works!

I so want to make those piggy eggs. SO cute!


Unknown said...

Plastic bags hold more eggs and they are easier to carry. Have a great Easter.

Lindsay said...

I've never done the egg colouring before. Looks like fun. Happy Easter!

Tabitha Blue said...

Love the eggs.... especially yours!!! :) Kids' painted eggs with strange mixed colors and splotches and drips are the best, and crinkly old bags are pretty good too. Lol, love it!



Lourie said...

Oh man dying them the old fashioned way is so much better! And the crinkly grocery bag holds more and the captured eggs can't jump out. (hehe)