Thursday, October 25, 2012

Haunting Literature Quotes

As is my yearly Halloween tradition, I have more chilling quotes to share.

Normally I use favorite passages from published books, but this year, I asked writer friends for help. These quotes are from manuscripts, drafts, or soon to be published books. And each is mysterious in it's own right. ENJOY! 

I swim through the coarse ground. The grit and moss assault my eyes, but I move forward. The charred, desecrated remains of the past stroke my skin. Hold me. They welcome me as if I'm one of them.

Lindsay Scott ( The Decretum)

The person and the lantern had both vanished by the time she arrived at the cemetery wall. She peered around the corner of the church. The light proved she hadn't been alone here a minute ago, but the darkness did not prove she was alone now. The caged graves cast long, latticed shadows on the ground. The stones marking the resting places of her mother and her aunt looked the same as ever, the ground around them unbroken. 

Dianne Salerni (The Caged Graves, Clarion 2013)

I roll my eyes to act all casual and whatever’ish, but my insides are on fire. Like, I may burn to the ground. I’m about to babble some excuse, paint some phony picture for her, but I don’t. If this shit goes viral, then it’s all over anyway. I might as well move to another planet because no sumo wrestler impersonation or self-deprecating joke will save me from the onslaught.

They will eat me alive. And what a feast I’d be. I’d feed everyone.

K.M. Walton (Empty, Simon Pulse 2013)


A deep, guttural howl resounded from the direction of the pine trees. Icy fingers skittered across my neck and I twisted toward the trees, eyes wide. For one brief moment I saw a flash of something there. Like a quick pulse of light from a distant flashlight. But it just as well could have been my imagination.

“We should get inside,” John said, steering Laney toward the door. When he looked back,

I wondered if maybe he saw something, too. His gaze stayed frozen on the forest line.

Christina Lee (Haunted Melody)


Scanning the trees and undergrowth, I push myself up with shaky arms. Not that watching out for danger made a difference last time. It’s impossible to predict an attack when you can’t see your attacker.
My breath comes out shallow and uneven. Blood gushes from the gaping wounds on my stomach and soaks my clothing. I press my hand against them, desperately trying to keep the blood from flowing into the ground, and taking my life with it.

Stina Lindeblatt ( Happily Never After)

His voice was soft, gentle against the horrible soundtrack of my own blood gathering in a bowl below me.

Lindsay Currie and Trisha Leaver (Leaving Eden)



Stina said...

I've got the chills now, and it has nothing to do with the snow and freezing weather here. :)

Laura S. said...

Ooo these are spooktacular! Good thing it's morning time so I can get over these heebie-jeebies by tonight!

Christine Danek said...

Love these. They are spooky and from some great authors. Thanks.

Christina Lee said...

HA, they ARE spooktacular!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Christina and Stina -- I love the creepy tone in your passages, but that last one by Lindsay and Trisha just made my blood run cold! Excellently done, ladies.

Christina Lee said...

Dianne, Right?!?! I beta read that book for them and it was CREEPY!!!!!

Kim Van Sickler said...

Gets me in the spirit!!!!!

Marie Cloutier said...

Great quotes! Very Halloweeny!

S.A. Larsenッ said...

Wow! Great stuff. Just love them all!