Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some Stuff and Things Re: THERE YOU STAND

If you're a blogger/reviewer with a Netgalley account, my male/male romance, THERE YOU STAND, is now available for review.

I'm not freaking out about this at ALL. *commences flailing and biting off fingernails* 

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So I thought I'd take this opportunity to answer some FAQs about this book.

---THERE YOU STAND is considered a new adult novel. But I'd say that it's upper NA. Cory and Jude work in the university town that the series is built around, but they are dealing with jobs & life, not classes. I'd say this is a good bridge to TWO OF HEARTS, my adult romance releasing in May. In fact, one of the secondary characters from TYS is also in ToH.

---Is this book as sexy as my other novels? Um, absolutely. That's just the way I like to write intimate scenes--descriptive and steamy. And hopefully romantic and swoony!

FYI, two friends who've never read a gay romance have read this book. The first friend admitted she kind of glazed over the sex scenes, but kept reading for the romance. Said the guys stole her heart. The other friend said that she loved everything about the book and wants to seek out similar reads from now on. So there you go. Love is universal. Hope this book is too!

---Is this the first gay romance I've written? No, but it's the first that'll be published. I have another male/male romance saved in a computer file from a couple of years ago. 

---Is this book considered coming of age? Hmmm...I'd say no. It's written in Cory's POV, he knows he's gay, and is out in the community in which he lives. I'll let you discover Jude's story on your own. He has other things going on besides being in or out of the closet.

---Does this book have an HEA? Yes, absolutely. But it doesn't have an epilogue. In fact, none of my books do (so far). I'm actually not a fan of epilogues and usually skim or skip them in books (for my own reasons), but I know I'm in the minority! Sorry, that's just the way I roll. But I always let the reader know how the couple is doing in the next book in the series. Because I get it. xo

---I grew up with two gay family members--one male, one female. So I've been privy to their struggles (and love lives) forever and a day. This book is dedicated to one of them. I hope I made them proud.

Maybe I cleared up some questions for you. Maybe I didn't. Maybe you're asleep by now. wink emoticon Regardless, I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY!

***P.S. I have no control over whose requests are accepted for review through Netgalley. Nor am I privy to how those decisions are made by my publisher. I just write the books. Sorry. 

It releases on 4-21-15! 


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