Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tell The Truth Thursday

1. We got a gray kitty from the shelter that my seven-year-old promptly named, Ash.

2. He's a total sweetie and a good snuggler.

3. We thought he'd be a good companion for our other kitty, Murphy (pictured below), now ten-months-old. 

(Why did we think this? Because Murphy follows our ten-year-old dog around and tries to snuggle and play. But um, the kitty's just too much for her.)

4. Fast forward a few more days and take in this scene: Older kitty TERRORIZING new kitty. Stalks, pounces, tackles, bites on neck and stomach (sensitive areas) any chance he gets, which is pretty much ALWAYS.

5. Even though we kept them separate and introduced them slowly, like we were told. Needless to say, we are baffled by it all (except the part where cats are WAY territorial). After this, dogs are a piece of cake. And, I'm EXHAUSTED!

If ONLY animals could talk. MEOW!

Those are my truths. You got any?


Meredith said...

Aw, poor kittens! I hope they get along soon. Dogs definitely seem a lot easier!

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Truths . . . This week is going to kill me. It's been frantic, frantic frantic and I'm praying that it rains all day today so baseball is cancelled tonight for my kids. That's a true story - maybe horrible of me to say, but true:)

Matthew MacNish said...

We've been trying to introduce our cats to the dog for two years now, but the older cat is a real B!

DL Hammons said...

I can't understand why people do the things they do, and they can TALK! :)

K. M. Walton said...

We have a totally gray cat named Danny - Ash looks like he could be related :)

My truth? Four out of my ten fingers are covered in band-aids due to my hideous habit of cuticle picking/biting, which happens non-stop when I'm writing/revising. FOUR! It's so embarrassing.

Stina said...

Poor kitty!

My truth is I didn't realize how disgusting my fence was until last weekend when I removed lots of black gunk from it. Yuck!!!!

Christine Danek said...

That kitten is so darn cute. I want to squeeze him. I have two cats (14 y.o., they are sisters and they seem to hate each other at this point. I think you're right dogs might be easier. Cats tend to have emotional issues.

Christine Danek said...

Don't know what truth I have today. I'll have to get back to you on that when I'm fully awake.

Unknown said...

Kittens have so much energy. And they do that whole play fighting thing. My cats are 13 and 10 and they still play like that (but much slower). They also play hide and seek with each other and they cuddle too.

Christina Lee said...

Linsday--I hear you, girl!

Matt--*pouty face*

DL--LOL, so true!

K.M.--hmmm, why do I remember reading a certain similar character in one of your earlier books? *wink*

storyqueen said...


They look so adorable...Murphy cannot possibly be capable of such treachery!

Truth-Our dog leaves so much hair around the house I could knit a sweater...weekly.


Kelly Polark said...

Awww, you just never know with pets.
Long ago after we got our first dog, we got her a playmate after a year. The first dog just tolerated the other one (but was very attached to us). Rarely played. Fast forward 11 years, our first dog passed so we got a puppy who adores the second dog (thankfully!). They snuggle all day!
Animals certainly have their own personality!

Jaime Morrow said...

We got a second kitty to keep our first one company, and they absolutely hated each other. Many of the same problems that you mention we experienced with Puck and Pete. Fastforward some months and they get along just fine now. It may not happen like this for you, but I sure hope it does! :)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

All I can say is, this post made me miss my cat. :(

We haven't had a cat since we lost him to the nearby highway a couple years back. We have a German Shepherd now, but sometimes I really want another cat.

I'm not sure how the dog would like that. I'm pretty sure she'd be scared of the cat.

Elana Johnson said...

LOL! This is why I'm anti-animal. Not their whole existence, just with me. I want animals that can talk and tell me what the H is going on. Ha!

And, uh, good luck? Yeah, good luck.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Gabby is one year older than Gizzy who is now three. We did all the right things too when we brough Gizzy home as a kitten. Gabby has never really accepted her but tolerates her. Gizzy of course keeps her distance but occassionally she will give it back to Gabby. Sometimes they play but most times they fight. They just have to work it out for themselves. I know yours will eventually get along but in a long distance kind of way.

I love them both so I just put up with their antics.
Hope your kitties learn to get along.


LisaDay said...

Congrats on your kitten. Here's hoping he survives - and you, too. I think our kitten requires a friend but your story makes me afraid.


Rafael said...

Maybe a few high places for the older kitty to race up to, relax and not having to share the floor with the new kitty. If the older cat feels it has a place to call its own (vertically) things might improve. Just a thought.

Hope everything ends well for all your furry family.

Lourie said...

It's good the cats are young. They will grow to love each other and probably play and spar lots. But ultimately will be buds.

Lourie said...

PS... ASh is adorable!